We produce highly-anticipated, one-of-a-kind professional events. Whether you’re planning the next big industry conference, professional networking event, or fundraising gala, our team will curate a day to remember, ensuring every detail is addressed. We don't just plan an event; we create an experience that changes people.



We produce outstanding meeting experiences, from corporate off-site gatherings and monthly educational showcases to full-scale, multi-day industry conferences.  Our focus is to create intimate, authentic networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.  We always deliver impeccable logistical support from inception to event day.


We curate and organize regional tours, creative gatherings and celebratory events.  Be a guest at your event and let us create an exclusive experience your guests won't soon forget.



We help our clients focus on clear and impactful messaging to spark high learning experiences supported by high caliber speakers, aligned programming and value-centered sponsorships.

Mannada, 만나다: Hangul/Korean Word

From 맞— (mat-, “to meet; to receive”) +나— (na-, “to come out”) +—다 (-da, declarative verbal ending)-

(transitive) to meet; to see (someone)-

(transitive) to become acquainted with; to develop a relationship with-

(transitive) to encounter (an event); to experience; to meet with

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